Nova Scotia Community College

A long standing relationship with Nova Scotia’s largest secondary educators.

Nova Scotia Community College

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) has campuses across Nova Scotia delivering hands-on training on a wide variety of topics.

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Media Mechanics has an ongoing relationship with NSCC that first began in 2007 with the redesign of the NSCC corporate site. The site, once refreshed, played an integral part of NSCC’s overall online strategy that we helped to develop with the college and their partners.

As our relationship continued to evolve, NSCC sought to inject more of their online look and feel, and style of communication into their traditional media to support their marketing initiatives and act as a continuation of the site.

The NSCC marketing department soon got us more involved in the traditional side of their marketing initiatives by asking us if we would be interested in doing a specialized vehicle graphic for them. Having absolutely no experience in vehicle graphics we of course said yes, and were happy to try our hand at the design.

Although NSCC had preliminary designs previously created by another vendor, they were not going in the direction that NSCC wanted and felt they were too conventional and wanted something instead that was innovative, informative, and even a little interactive.


We treated each vehicle much like a rolling infographic and billboard to promote NSCC as an innovative and specialized educational institution. The graphics needed to be informative but also capture the feeling of interactivity that we often portrayed across the website. As an educational institution, NSCC wanted to be seen as a knowledge leader in sustainable technologies. The Volt is taken to conferences and tradeshows as far away as Ottawa.

Similarly the NSCC Mobile Training Centre is a specialized training unit that unfolds almost “transformer” like, expanding in size and shape from a customized 18-wheel trailer to provide a mobile classroom wherever it may be required. Like the Volt project, we helped the NSCC marketing department to define and create the communication and graphics for the project. The mobile trailers will promote the college while underlining the province’s commitment to providing a quality education for all Nova Scotian communities.


Both the Volt and the Mobile Training Centre now serve as a rolling billboard to promote NSCC as leader in innovation and a provider of high-tech education as they travel throughout Nova Scotia and beyond. For us, the success meant being involved in even more traditional media type projects, such as identity design and brand.