Building a new website is drastically easier today, but building a website that generates leads, converts them, and improves SERP rankings takes technique, continuous work, and the help of robust custom web development services that Media Mechanics offers. Building a new website for a business can be made more straightforward with these ten tips. Start following them now, and check how other businesses have grown by working with Media Mechanics.

A prerequisite to starting website development is understanding the business’s goals, target market, and competitors. This foundation will prove valuable as website development starts as decisions will be made on research and data. Once this is done, here’s how to grow a business with website development.

10 tips for nailing website development

1. Use the right domain name

Take planning back to the domain name. This isn’t a decision to take lightly. A domain name is one of the first things a customer will see, so not only does it need to provide a great first impression, but it also needs to be beneficial to the business in the long run.

This means a domain name needs to be:

  • Easy: It should be easy to type, read, and understand.
  • Memorable: If it’s too complicated, customers won’t be able to remember how to revisit a brand that intrigued them. It should also be something recognizable so customers can add it to their repertoire of known brands.
  • Broad: Allow the domain to be broad to a certain extent to apply to more industries. Don’t limit the reach of a brand by using something too specific.
  • SEO-friendly: The domain can also be a source for local SEO optimization. Including an area like “NewYorkConsultant” will narrow the search to an audience that’s likely to need that link.

2. Include ecommerce functionality

Website development must also include an area for customers to make quick and easy purchases. An optimized checkout or booking page is key to converting leads. If there isn’t a straightforward place for them to do this, they’ll look elsewhere. Media Mechanics specializes in custom web development services to help plan and execute these factors to create the ultimate customer experience.

3. Optimize graphic design

A website’s interface must be engaging, unique, and interesting to its audience. All of the websites online offer a lot of competition. Customers need something that grabs their attention and engages them from awareness to conversion. Graphic design is superior to using stock images. Media Mechanics offers this and many other services to improve the user experience.

Graphic design can also help establish strong branding. It’s more than images. It’s the logo, color scheme, font, animations, and interactivity. By creating a clean interface, the brand can shine.

4. Offer a clear business description

The business description, or informative tagline, should be front and center, like in a featured image. This way, users are immediately privy to what the business does and how it can benefit them. This description should also be a direct link to the business’s unique value proposition. If the business is hard to understand and customers can’t figure out what they do right away, they won’t go looking for the answer; they’ll find another website that does this on the front page.

5. Ensure ease of use

A website that’s easy to use means more than usability. It means ease of navigation and mobile-friendliness. It can be difficult to establish how to create a website that ticks these boxes without the help of an expert in custom web development services because there are technical aspects that can be used to make a website usable on different browsers and devices. Make sure every page of the website is accessible, those page names are clear, and that content converts well to a mobile device.

6. Optimize for SEO

With a great website being built, make sure it can be found by the target audience. Use keywords with low difficulty that are being used by the audience. Long-tail keywords offer more specificity and local searches. 

Take advantage of URLs, metadata, and image alt tags to include more informative keywords for search engines to analyze. Make sure these measures are adopted with purpose and not for the sake of plugging in keywords wherever they can go.

7. Create and publish content often

Not just any content. Quality content that provides value to customers, places to improve SEO, and education. Content is also a place to build brand awareness through consistent messaging, voice, and mission. Publishing quality content using an editorial calendar also shows search engines that it’s an active, noteworthy website to display highly on SERPs.

8. Track analytics

A benefit to any website development plan is to track data and analytics for improvement suggestions. Tracking can outline what keywords are bringing in leads, how many clicks different links are getting, how long customers stay on a page, what customers are looking at on those pages, and more. Tracking analytics is essential to any project to show what’s performing well and what needs to be adjusted moving forward.

9. Make a website maintenance plan

This is something that often gets overlooked. Because of the excitement of launching a new website, we forget to make a maintenance plan that would keep the website updated, relevant, and customer-centric. Nothing stays the same for long, so the need to make a website maintenance plan and stick to it is paramount in the age of technology and change.

10. Remember CTAs

Lastly, remember to include call-to-action links, buttons, or phrases everywhere. Always give customers something to further their position in the pipeline. CTAs should be placed in multiple places on a web page, not just at the bottom. Leaving them at the bottom is a risk since not everyone will read the whole page or scroll all the way down. Use CTAs to break up text and continuously offer customers reasons to click the button.

Custom web development services do it for you

Media Mechanics can help businesses succeed with all of these steps. We’ve worked with other businesses and seen awesome results. You can be one of these businesses too. Contact our website development team today.