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Custom Website & Funnel Design

Media Mechanics designed a custom WordPress website to support Wyng’s unique social marketing applications and created a funnel system to collect leads on prospective customers.

The Challenge

Wyng provides a platform for digital marketers with ready-made social applications that can be quickly and easily integrated into the client’s social platforms. These applications create engaging “micro-experiences” driven by user-generated content.

To achieve this, Wyng needed a custom breed of WordPress that would support their marketing content and user resources to drive lead generation.

Their internal team members needed to focus on the development of the marketing platform and so the Media Mechanics team was engaged to design and develop the website that would support it.

Why Media Mechanics

Our global team has extensive experience working with clients in the technology sector. This experience can supercharge any client’s marketing team and digital initiatives.

We were able to use that experience to work with the Wyng team and create the custom website that the client needed to make their user experience seamless.

The Approach

We researched how the Wyng customer behaves when they use their marketing platform. We learned that many prospective clients first come to the site to learn how to improve their initiatives.

Based on this information we designed the website to support the customer’s desire for information, while simultaneously funnelling prospective customers through integrated user journeys to support a buying decision.

The Results

Due to Media Mechanics’ development of this custom website, the Wyng team was able to focus on perfecting their marketing platform and move forward with it more quickly than they would have if they had needed to develop the website as well.

Based on the success of the website’s integration and funnelling system, Media Mechanics has been engaged to provide ongoing support for the site.

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