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UX Website Redesign

Media Mechanics designed an online user experience for the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) website that educates users about the extensive programs offered, including and beyond, trades and is easy for prospective and current students to navigate.

The Challenge

When we started working with NSCC, their communication team was working to dispel the idea that the institution was “only” a vocational trades school.

In reality, the school offers hundreds of professional certifications, alongside a robust trades training curriculum. The provincial economy was in desperate need of employees with a wide range of skill sets that NSCC provides.

The new website needed to reflect these opportunities and show current and prospective students, and their families, all the programs available and how their education at NSCC would set them up for success.

NSCC Car Decal
NSCC Trailor
Why Media Mechanics

A longstanding relationship with NSCC made us a natural choice for developing this user experience. We designed the three previous versions of their website, including the one we would be creating this experience on.

The Approach

We began by learning about what content and functionality students need to make confident decisions about their education and career choices. We worked with NSCC to create a student engagement model that reflects the website user’s journey. Careful consideration of the needs of current and prospective students and their families was instrumental in determining the successful user experience of the site.

The Results

The redesigned website made a strong user experience that reflects the true nature of NSCC and their many program offerings.

This comprehensive knowledge of the client’s needs also led to ongoing work with NSCC including:

  • Designing applications to support student recruitment.
  • Creating interactive annual reports for stakeholders.
  • Designing an interactive look and feel to two of the college’s training vehicles

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