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User Experience & Interface Design

Media Mechanics not only designed the online user experience for the NSCC corporate website, but we were also challenged with bringing that same interactive look and feel for two of the colleges training vehicles.

Our history with NSCC

We have worked with NSCC for a number of years. We designed the previous 3 iterations of their website including their current site. The website user journey follows a student engagement model that we worked together with NSCC to evolve through careful consideration of the needs of current and prospective students and their families.

NSCC Car Decal
Our Challenges

NSCC Trailor

When we started working with NSCC, their communication team was still working to dispel the idea that were they were only a vocational trades school.

Historically, the school was not considered to be an option by many students as they did not consider it being higher education. Parents felt their children deserved better and that in order to succeed needed a degree instead of a certificate, and students themselves who didn’t want a trade didn’t consider NSCC a place to go. In truth all of the perceptions influencing these attitudes were abundantly false. At the same time, the provincial economy desperately needed employees with the skills that NSCC provides. Not only trades, but also hundreds of certifications that NSCC provided.

The user experience of the site evolved as we learned more about what content and functionality students required in order to help them make more confident decisions concerning their career choices. Prospective students needed to both learn about the programs offered, but also where would their education take them and how they would be prepared to succeed.

Our Solutions

Although the website plays an integral role as a communication hub for the college, we’ve also been involved in the design of applications supporting recruitment, interactive annual reports to stakeholders, and many other elements used to promote the college as a leader in education and innovation for the province.