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Marketing Cloud Content Merger

Media Mechanics coordinated the merger of the marketing and communications content from two major websites, Radian6 and Buddy Media, into one comprehensive resource that would become the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. then acquired Exact Target to complete their social listening and engagement platform that is today relied upon by more than half of all Fortune 100 companies worldwide.

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The Challenge

Salesforce wanted to develop a social marketing suite by combining Radian6 listening tools and Buddy Media publishing products that would be called the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The Media Mechanics team was hired to ensure that all of the high-value content responsible for generating sales leads across both major websites could continue to be found after the merger.

Why Media Mechanics

Media Mechanics had been retained to build, evolve, and maintain several versions of the marketing and communications website for Radian6 before Salesforce acquired the company. Working with the executive team, we developed the content management system for Radian6 while integrating and supporting the development of many lead generation initiatives that would drive user engagement and sales.

Shortly after the acquisition of Radian6, Salesforce acquired Buddy Media and, because our team at Media Mechanics was providing measurable results to Radian6, we were asked to lead the consolidation of the content on both marketing sites.

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The Approach

During the project, we worked with the marketing and communications teams for Radian6, Buddy Media, and Salesforce in order to merge all resource materials from both sites into a single content resource that would become the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

It took extensive research to ensure that the combined marketing platform would not lose search equity during the launch and change in domains. With both sites containing thousands of cross-referenced posts, articles, and ebooks, it was essential to develop a content strategy that would retain the SEO rankings that had been achieved. Search equity is tied intrinsically to the success of lead generation.

We worked closely with the client teams to inform them of SEO factors that could affect brand equity while ensuring that future investment would continue to provide valuable returns in their lead generation initiatives. We maintained popular posts and assigned redirects to ensure the brand equity would be safe.

Besides developing the customized WordPress installation for the new site, we worked to configure hosting servers. We also continued to maintain modified WordPress installations while ensuring all marketing content and campaigns provided value for client stakeholders. To ease content maintenance we customized administrative panels allowing the client to update content across platforms and channels from a single point of entry.

After the launch, we continued to provide senior level SEO expertise to maintain top rankings during the transition and further reported where efficiencies and opportunities could be found.

“We have been nothing but impressed and gracious for the support your team has offered.”
Charles Moad, Director, Global Marketing Technology, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Results

Salesforce Marketing Cloud was delivered as a fully responsive marketing platform, accurately reflecting the comprehensive content libraries of Radian6 and Buddy Media.

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