Content Mapping System

Create and organize content according to geographic relevance

Content Mapping System

Our content mapping system combines the ease of use of the WordPress content management system with the powerful mapping architecture of Google maps. The value of the application means you can easily create and organize content relevant to specific geographic locations.


Fun Family Fun

The system was first developed to highlight apartments and real-estate, but then later developed on a slightly larger scale to promote local community events with our beta release of our Fun Family Fun site. The content for this site is user driven and entirely free to add and share. Although we’re planning on promoting the site as a business case later, the real impetus behind the development of this particular site was simply as a proof of concept for our Content Mapping System itself.

We will be rebranding this particular instance for other experimental uses later, but overall the idea simply shows how content value can be created by organizing content geographically for others to use on a single site. Anything from playground locations, hiking trails, dog parks, vegan restaurants, shopping deals, historic sites, awesome surfing, or anything really. Whatever the idea, once the site has been developed, and a user following created, ad revenue can then be generated by targeting the user base.

The application also doesn’t have to be the focus of a business case, but can simply be used to supplement a current business case. For example, a blog on metal detecting where you could show great locations to explore or a blog on secret fishing holes, but perhaps then again, maybe you’d prefer to keep both of those ideas a secret.

If you have an idea for our Content Mapping System that you would like to share or even collaborate on please let us know. We currently have a number of our own ideas and others in development, but we are always interested in exploring other unique areas of interest.