Works with any Point-of-Sale to help franchises and franchise owners increase check size and decrease costs


The product provides up-to-the-minute vital business measurements, including sales, labour, cost of sales, productivity, and product-mix data.

Livelenz gives restaurant and retail industry managers and owners real-time information they can use to improve sales and operations to increase profitability. Through Livelenz’s online portal, users can see the latest transaction information coming from their point-of-sale system or receipt printer. The information can be viewed anywhere with Internet access, including on tablets and smartphones.

Using our customized version of the WordPress platform we’ve built an easy to use and equally easy to maintain platform for the marketing team at LiveLenz to advance their marketing efforts.

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Services we provide

  • WordPress integration and ongoing maintenance
  • Application development and support
  • Interaction design support for their site and POS platform