Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

Although we weren’t NSCC’s first choice, we were certainly their second when the college soon realized they were looking for something special than what they were getting from established vehicle wrap designers. NSCC essentially wanted a design that would both communicate and engage, and that would ultimately serve as more of a tool than simply a sign.

GM Volt

The creative concept for the Volt wrap was to design an interactive info graphic that audiences could essentially walk around to learn more about extended range vehicle (EVs) and their importance for the environment. For NSCC it was also an opportunity to promote the technical innovation of their vehicle training programs and that students enrolled in the Automotive Service & Repair and Electrical Engineering Technology programs would have the opportunity to train on these advanced vehicles as part of their curriculum. Training by the way that is only available in Nova Scotia from NSCC.

Today the NSCC volt can be seen at car shows, trade shows and conferences where ever interest in sustainable energy and advanced technology and training is being promoted. Although this has taken the Volt far outside of the province and even as far away as Ottawa, the mileage the volt received certainly makes these trips worth while.

NSCC Mobile Training Unit

Nova Scotia is a large province and even larger than some countries in Europe, but even with 13 campuses across the province, it’s difficult to be in all those communities in between. However with NSCC’s mobile training unit, it is now possible to extend NSCC’s commitment to education across the province by delivering that education to the very door steps of many of those smaller communities that need it most.

Although on highway the trailer looks like any other 18 wheeler, on location the trailer transforms into a completely self sustained high tech classroom with all that a more advanced trades related classroom can provide.

For the design of this wrap we wanted the trailer to look bold and exciting, that would be equally inspiring on the highway as well as on location.