Dalhousie Donor Wall

A wall that inspires generosity

Dalhousie Donor Wall

The Dalhousie donor wall is a large physical installation located at the Dalhousie Arts Centre on the university campus. The display commemorates the thousands of individuals and organizations who have given to Dalhousie over the years.

Centrally located in Halifax, the Arts Centre is the hub of cultural and community events in Nova Scotia. Inside, the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium hosts many concerts, shows and grassroots events, drawing thousands of community members each year, many of them Dalhousie donors.

The wall was designed and constructed by Brook Recognition Systems, and the interactive component was later redesigned and developed by us at Media Mechanics. Using flash we designed the interactive component to improve the alignment of the Dalhousie brand with the grandeur of the physical installation. Using subtle animations and revised graphics, completed display will honour existing donors, while at the same time encourage others to donate to the university as well.

For more information on the wall please visit the Dalhousie website.