Nova Scotia Wait Times

Nova Scotia Wait Times

Nova Scotia Wait Times is an initiative of the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness (DOHW). Their mandate is to support “programs and services that protect and promote health, and treat illness for Nova Scotians and their families”.


To provide timely and relevant information to Nova Scotians regarding their treatment options through re-designing and developing the current Nova Scotia Wait Times website.


The website was designed to integrate with the current look and feel of the Nova Scotia Department of Health & Wellness (DOHW) website. Taking into consideration user personas, workflow and user experience we made a number of recommendations for improvement to the content layout. Our developers worked with the Nova Scotia DOHW staff to ensure accuracy when developing the content for online delivery.

The execution of this project was flawless with both parties adhering to the schedule and delivering all key milestones as planned. We were even ahead of schedule! We implemented the structure and design in order to deliver a ‘soft’ launch a month before the due date. The full launch occurred once the release of that information was approved by the appropriate government channels.


The result of the new design and development has been a website that is easy to navigate and provides valuable information to patients and doctors regarding treatment options. Patients and Doctors can now find information about which District Health Authority has the shortest wait times for a specialist on a particular procedure or for a consultation. Typically patients will be referred to a Doctor in their geographic region but this information allows patients who are mobile to be referred to other regions which will ultimately reduce wait times not only for that individual patient but for all patients waiting for that procedure or consultation.