Six Helpful Tips for Using Google Analytics

By: 26th September 2013 Analytics & Measurement No Comments

The first time logging into Google Analytics can be daunting. Trying to figure out what all of the statistics mean and translating that into actionable items for your website may be a task best left to SEO professionals. However there are some simple data points you can monitor to ensure that your website is on track. Before viewing the data make sure you change the dates to the time period you want to review. Visits are probably the most obvious one. How many people are visiting your site per day or per month? You also want to look at how…

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The Real Reasons You Need a Mobile Friendly Website Now!

By: 11th May 2013 Digital Marketing, Web Design No Comments

So your company is online, but is your website actually pulling its weight for you? In just the last couple of years, the mobile web has exploded, and now the Internet is accessible from almost anyplace/anytime with phones and tablets. This requires a new approach to providing information on the web. Websites have traditionally been built assuming the user will be viewing them from a laptop or desktop monitor. This is no longer the case at all. People looking at the web nowadays have different needs and expectations when using mobile devices. Large beautiful photos and multiple columns and sidebars…

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