Our Secret Sauce for Website Design: T-Shaped People

By: 6th December 2013 Web Design No Comments

First: What is a T-Shaped person? It’s someone who has a really deep skillset in one core area of expertise, but also possesses a breadth of wisdom and insight across disciplines. I like Jono Hey’s sketch from In an age where tech companies hire creatives, and creative firms hire techies – the whole notion of “finding the right people” literally has a whole new dimension added onto it. Vertical plus horizontal. So when we sit down and review a stack of resumé’s, sure we’re looking for deep technical knowledge in whatever your field of expertise is, but we’re also looking…

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Responsive Design Explained

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Chances are that if you have talked to anyone involved with the web development industry in the last couple of years, the term “responsive design” was mentioned to some degree. Responsive design is not a new concept, but in 2013 it has finally made the leap into boardrooms, as it has proved to be an excellent technique to make your website accessible to a mass audience. What is responsive design? Responsive design is a development technique that allows your website to adapt to the device your users are viewing it on. It also provides you with the capability to write…

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The Importance of Upgrading Your Browser

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Did you know that you could be limiting your internet experience based on what Web Browser you use to view the web? Websites can act and look different based on what tool you use to view them. If you are using old browser technology then you are missing out and may not even know it. Web technology changes quickly and it is your web browser that ensures you can use and experience the best the web has to offer. Why Should I Care? The internet is always evolving and new security threats emerge. If you are running old technology you…

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The Real Reasons You Need a Mobile Friendly Website Now!

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So your company is online, but is your website actually pulling its weight for you? In just the last couple of years, the mobile web has exploded, and now the Internet is accessible from almost anyplace/anytime with phones and tablets. This requires a new approach to providing information on the web. Websites have traditionally been built assuming the user will be viewing them from a laptop or desktop monitor. This is no longer the case at all. People looking at the web nowadays have different needs and expectations when using mobile devices. Large beautiful photos and multiple columns and sidebars…

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