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Our Secret Sauce for Website Design: T-Shaped People

By: 6th December 2013 , No Comments

First: What is a T-Shaped person? It’s someone who has a really deep skillset in one core area of expertise, but also possesses a breadth of wisdom and insight across disciplines. I like Jono Hey’s sketch from In an age where tech companies hire creatives, and creative firms hire techies – the whole notion of “finding the right people” literally has a whole new dimension added onto it. Vertical plus horizontal. So when we sit down and review a stack of resumé’s, sure we’re looking for deep technical knowledge in whatever your field of expertise is, but we’re also looking…

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Inbound Marketing: A Lesson from The Karate Kid

By: 31st October 2013 No Comments

Here’s a mind bomb that Yahoo Movies pointed out to me recently: Ralph Machio (the Karate Kid) is now older than Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) was when the original movie was filmed. Go ahead and Google it in a minute, but bear with me for a moment as to why I think that’s relevant to digital marketing. Having been reminded of the movie, I naturally had to re-watch it – if only to see how much my changed perspective on life in general – in turn, affected how I re-perceived the wisdom in the film. Everyone wants to wax poetic…

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