Articles by Jean Fraser

How to Write an Effective Products or Services Page for your Website

By: 21st November 2013 , No Comments

Sometimes you’re in the best position to act as your own copywriter – especially if your company is very technical or if you have penchant for writing. Yet despite your knowing your subject inside and out, writing the perfect products or services page can still be something you slog through, never feeling like you’ve “nailed it”. That’s because the way people read on the web is very different from reading a book. The title and the first few lines are sometimes all you have to attract your reader before they browse away. Look at what you’ve got written now: does…

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Six Helpful Tips for Using Google Analytics

By: 26th September 2013 , No Comments

The first time logging into Google Analytics can be daunting. Trying to figure out what all of the statistics mean and translating that into actionable items for your website may be a task best left to SEO professionals. However there are some simple data points you can monitor to ensure that your website is on track. Before viewing the data make sure you change the dates to the time period you want to review. Visits are probably the most obvious one. How many people are visiting your site per day or per month? You also want to look at how…

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