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Inbound Marketing: A Lesson from The Karate Kid

By: 31st October 2013 Content Marketing, Digital Marketing No Comments

Here’s a mind bomb that Yahoo Movies pointed out to me recently: Ralph Machio (the Karate Kid) is now older than Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) was when the original movie was filmed. Go ahead and Google it in a minute, but bear with me for a moment as to why I think that’s relevant to digital marketing. Having been reminded of the movie, I naturally had to re-watch it – if only to see how much my changed perspective on life in general – in turn, affected how I re-perceived the wisdom in the film. Everyone wants to wax poetic…

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The Importance of Upgrading Your Browser

By: 17th October 2013 Web Design, Web Development No Comments

Did you know that you could be limiting your internet experience based on what Web Browser you use to view the web? Websites can act and look different based on what tool you use to view them. If you are using old browser technology then you are missing out and may not even know it. Web technology changes quickly and it is your web browser that ensures you can use and experience the best the web has to offer. Why Should I Care? The internet is always evolving and new security threats emerge. If you are running old technology you…

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