iPad Recruitment Application

iPad NSCC Recruitment Application

For this NSCC project we worked side by side with the NSCC web operations team and other partners to build an application that speaks directly to prospective students using the media they most feel comfortable with to help facilitate recruitment.

Like all post secondary institutions, NSCC must compete with other colleges and universities for student enrolment. With enrolments declining because of a decreasing population, competition for student’s is gradually increasing. To stay competitive, NSCC has evolved their communication approach to meet the needs of today’s youth by engaging them on the digital playing field where they live.

In the past, recruitment teams noticed that much of their printed collateral was being thrown away after high school recruitment sessions. Although the collateral had important information, many students would not bother to read the information, and regrettably students would miss out on the valuable career information that NSCC was providing.

The issue with students today, the majority of whom are digital natives, are more so use to engaging with media as opposed to simply reading it on a flat piece of paper. Although they may have questions, if the answers are buried within a mountain of printed text that they cannot search within, the effort to find their answers becomes daunting and they immediately switch off. Luckily many students will wait to find their answers online, often bypassing the NSCC homepage altogether and simply googling their NSCC question. Although this works to some extent, what it doesn’t do is provide the contact information of the student that the recruitment teams need to nurture the relationship between the prospective student and the college.

The solution was simply to engage with prospective students where they live, and that of course is in a digital world.

Working directly with NSCC and our other partners, we designed and developed an iPad application that recruiters could use to engage students with directly. Immediately there was a huge difference in approaching a student and handing them an iPad as opposed to a printed brochure. Once recruiters had the student’s attention, the student would become engaged using the application to browse and search for the career and educational opportunities offered by NSCC that they found most interesting. In this way the application helped to facilitate a discussion between the prospective student and the recruiter. At the end of discussion students would then submit their contact information into the iPad to allow for future contact by the recruiter.