Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We worked directly with Salesforce to combine and transition Radian6 and Buddy Media in to a new Salesforce site, for the launch of


Before merging with ExactTarget, developed the Salesforce Marketing Cloud social marketing suite by joining Radian6 listening tools, Buddy Media publishing products, and a new product for advertising. This is now known as the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and is relied on by over 55% of Fortune 100 companies.


During the process of combining these tools into the Marketing Cloud Suite we were engaged to help with the development of their new website. However, the website was not designed to be responsive on mobile devices. Salesforce knows how essential it is for a company to have their website accessible on both computers and mobile devices, so they asked for a new responsive design and development. We had just over 3 weeks to make it happen.

Part of that was to merge two blogs from Radian6 and Buddy Media, into one blog for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Because of the thousands of blog posts involved, many of which had been shared on social media it was no small feat.


There are two options for adapting a site for mobile use. First, you can modify the existing theme to work better on mobile, or you can code a new theme from scratch. Considering that the original website was not designed to be mobile friendly, we decided to start from square one.

The new design was based on – another Salesforce product – by the same designer/developer. Media Mechanics’ main role was to configure the servers, and modify and maintain the WordPress installation, ensuring the designer had the information and data appearing in a usable format. In addition, we developed an administrative panel that was easy for the client to update across platforms.

It took extensive research to ensure that the site did not lose any search equity during the redesign and a change in domain name. Popular posts were maintained and redirects were appropriately assigned to ensure the brand equity that had been built as a result of those posts was not inadvertently lost. We worked closely with Salesforce employees to keep them informed of SEO factors that could affect their brand equity. We also provide SEO services and helped maintain top rankings for critical keywords.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud now has a fully responsive website that accurately reflects their level of expertise. They have retained the best articles and blog posts for their readers and continue to succeed in providing solutions related to social media marketing.