Arctic Defenders

Arctic Defenders

Arctic Defenders is an award-winning documentary film by director John Walker that tells the remarkable story that began in 1968 with a radical Inuit movement that changed the political landscape forever. It lead to the largest land claim in western civilization, orchestrated by young visionary Inuit with a dream – the governance of their territory – the creation of Nunavut. The story reveals Canada’s misguided attempts at sovereignty in the north and finds hope and inspiration from determined people who changed the rules of the game.


To properly promote and gain exposure for the film both before and during its release, John Walker Productions approached Media Mechanics in June of 2012 to lead a digital plan that would not only support and reinforce the film’s messaging, but play an integrated role giving insight into the process and depth of the film’s journey. Our challenge was figuring out the best ways to do this.


Through a phased approach, this project involved the research, design and development of the Arctic Defenders website, educational modules, and even an interactive game component. These varied forms of content were targeted for different viewers, for example the educational modules designed for teachers in the classroom. With that, it was essential for each component to operate independently, but tie-in with the overall direction of the film as well.


We successfully executed the movie tie-in components using the Drupal CMS, and were able to adjust and broaden the scope of the project easily as new requests and ideas came in. Whether it was building the game to live within the new framework of the site, or adding in an e-commerce shopping cart module Ubercart so the client could sell their DVDs online, our expertise of the Drupal CMS made all of this possible.