Brand Visibility

Give customers a reason to find you, a place to engage, and the encouragement to promote your brand.


Digital marketing is about engaging, enabling and empowering an audience wherever they are. At Media Mechanics we understand this, and our digital marketing services focus on increasing brand visibility, helping companies build relationships with their audience and creating opportunities for interaction and sharing.

Increasing Brand Visibility

From social networks and news sites to search engines and mobile apps, the ever-increasing number of choices for people looking for information, value and entertainment means it is critical for brands to understand how, when and where to be seen. That’s why we focus on brand visibility as a foundation for all our clients: using our expertise in SEO, SEM, Inbound Marketing and Social Media we give our clients a presence where their customers search, visit, congregate and interact online.

Building Relationships with the Right People

Companies strive to start relationships with potential customers, advocates and influencers by making a connection – by making a good first impression. Whether someone finds your brand on social media, through a search engine, an online ad or a direct link to your website, that first impression must quickly communicate the benefits of the relationship. By getting to know our clients and their customers, we write great content and create memorable designs to make first impressions that not only show people the value they’ll get but also drive them to act, to click, to visit and to share.

Promoting Engagement

We help you be visible in a crowded space, we even get you noticed and make a good first impression – but that’s only the beginning. When people visit your website or Facebook page, once they read your blog posts or your offer of the month what will they do next? Developing a relationship means creating something of value that people will engage with, either by making a purchase, downloading, reading or sharing with their own community. It can even mean giving people an opportunity to add their own content to your site. We help users engage through good design, calls-to-action and integrated social media.

Our aim is to leave a lasting impression on your audience by providing an opportunity to engage with your company, to enable commenting on and sharing your content, and empowering people to be advocates for your brand and even adding their own contributions to your story.