Our Secret Sauce for Website Design: T-Shaped People

By: 6th December 2013 Web Design No Comments

First: What is a T-Shaped person? It’s someone who has a really deep skillset in one core area of expertise, but also possesses a breadth of wisdom and insight across disciplines. I like Jono Hey’s sketch from Sketchplanations.com:

tshaped people-resized-600

In an age where tech companies hire creatives, and creative firms hire techies – the whole notion of “finding the right people” literally has a whole new dimension added onto it. Vertical plus horizontal. So when we sit down and review a stack of resumé’s, sure we’re looking for deep technical knowledge in whatever your field of expertise is, but we’re also looking for someone who compliments that skill-set with their own blend of uniqueness across a range of capabilities.

Some of our people are developers, and they have great customer service skills. Some are designers….who speak code. We have a handful of marketing tacticians who know media channels like the back of their hands, but whisper strategic breath into their client interactions. There are project managers executing on operations management, and business analysis throughout looking at the macro as well as micro context of client needs to discover undreamed of project requirements and hidden business paint points.

T’s, every last one of them.

We play in a really neat, and rather unique blend of spaces spanning traditional web design, into ad agency reach and expertise, and mix it up with new media and marketing services at the very forefront of digital knowledge and application development. While we draw on everyone’s deep skillset to advance our core work, we rely on everyone being a team player, integrating their perspectives and shared collective experiences across the whole gamut of industry and life experience. And we do this deliberately in order to bring absolutely amazing problem solving and creative concepts to the table for our clients.

Being a part of that team requires a depth and a breadth that makes for an amazing workplace full of really incredible people. For us, finding good people is how we “T” up good work!